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Leak Detection Services in Las Vegas, Nevada

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At Plumbing Solutions Of Nevada, we are experts at water leak detection. We have the most updated water detection equipment that is non-invasive, to pin point water leaks. This leak detection practice will result in saving money, time  and unnecessary damage to your Las Vegas home or business.

Do you have a high water bill from Las Vegas Valley Water District ??

Was this months usage of water higher than last month, but you know you used the same amount  ?

If so you may have a hidden underground water leak that is costing you money. Call Plumbing Solutions Of Nevada, we are Licensed & Bonded for your protection and peace of mind.

With high quality leak detection equipment, our Las Vegas plumbing  professionals are available 24/7 to supply you with:

  • Water Leak Detection
  • Slab Leak Detection
  • Underground Leak Detection

Our highly trained and experienced Las Vegas licensed plumbers and our commitment to outstanding service ensures you of the very best leak detection services in Nevada,  and guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction.


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NV LIC #  71790A

Leaks. Unseen or unfixed, they can drip hundreds, even thousands of gallons of water wastefully down the drain.

Faucets. Most leaks result from worn washers in household faucets and shower heads.  Faucet leaks are usually caused by worn washers.

Toilets. The toilet is one of the most common water wasters but its leaks tend to be less noticeable than faucet leaks. To determine if you toilet is leaking, look at the toilet bowl after the tank has stopped filling. If water is still running into the bowl, or if water can be heard running, your toilet is leaking.


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